Terms and Conditions

You will find here the terms and conditions for companies and users.

Policy: The provision of access and use of the application or the addition of offers through the application of tourist offers is a mandate. Users who are granted this authorization must adhere to the usage guidelines. Users who violate the terms set out in this contract will be subject to actions that amount to termination of membership and deletion of membership with no compensation. In addition, any improper use involving a violation of religion, traditions and customs will result in action. All users must acknowledge and understand the instructions contained in this document and understand them during registration or use.
Purpose: To determine the policies and provisions of the application of tourist offers for companies and travelers.
Scope: This policy applies to all companies who can add offers and purchase credits and sub-services provided by the Travel Offers app, registered and non-registered travelers on the app who access and use the app.

The names:

Application: is the application and website of offers tourism.
Traveler: is the user (registered & non registered) in the application of offers tourism.
Company: Any legal or individual entity that provides tourism and hospitality services and what it requires.

terms and conditions:

the passenger:

offers for traveler :

  • The application is not responsible for the offers, it is the responsibility of the travel offices alone, their credibility and availability are through communication between you and the travel agency.
  • The application collects ads in one place so that the user can not access and compare the latest offers, rather than a financial intermediation between companies and users.
  • Payment is made to the company after communicating with it, money does not pass through us.

Trip planing:

  • The bid is set and related to the payment, if you do not complete the payment, your order is deemed not to be.
  • You are answered within 24 hours if all orders are clear, and 72 if the orders are not clear.



  • Membership value is non-refundable if used.
  • Once you register you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Membership is paid (except in the case of offers from the application to companies).
  • Each company has only one account, branches may not be registered as independent companies.
  • The Company may not change the name of the company or the mail except by sending us, and the rest of the data can be changed by the company.
  • You must add the number of the person responsible for the application, and if it is changed, you must inform us of the new data immediately.


  • The presentation must be completely clear to avoid ignorance.
  • Phantom or incorrect offers are not allowed in some of their details.
  • It is strictly forbidden to add offers that are contrary to our religion or to disturb public modesty or to violate public morals.
  • Night clubs are not allowed to be added – concerts.
  • It is prohibited to add religious trips to non-Mecca and Medina.
  • The app may use the offer in social networks.
  • Application is permitted to use corporate trademarks in violation of law and custom.
  • You can tell us by mail or call the available number of seats.


  • For each category of companies – according to their branch – a special tariff for membership and bonds.
  • Excludes the offers made by the application to the branches.


  • The “tourist cooperator” logo should be prominently displayed in your place.
  • You must advertise collaboration with the app on your social networks.
  • Exclusive custom app offerings must be customized that are not found anywhere else.
  • Your breach of any of the foregoing will expose you to suspension of authentication and denial of privileges.

Chat system:

  • You must make a commitment to respond to queries via Chat on the app.
  • There will be follow-up from the application team for the talks and the reasons for not responding.
  • If you do not want to receive instant messaging messages, you can stop receiving private messages from the membership settings.

3. Intellectual property:

  • The ownership of the application belongs to OFFERS TOURISM LLC.
  • No other entity is authorized to deal with companies except by oral or written authorization.
  • Any dispute arising between the parties shall be settled by the courts of the State of Kuwait.
  • Our legal representative is the office of Attorney Zayed Al-Jumaia in Kuwait.


Release on 1-5-2018, please check this page continually if there are changes to the Terms, Conditions and Use Policy.