Full Privacy Policy

its your Right to Know

First off all

The Travel Offers Management App, respects your privacy and appreciates your concern about how to handle and share your personal information. We value your trust in us and always work to protect the privacy of your data (individuals – companies) with the use of complete encryption to protect sent data.
In this Privacy Policy, you agree that we will retain your registration information and do not mind using this data to improve the service and conduct transactions that you The disclosure of your information to third parties may require the processing of this information on our behalf, as well as other cases. 

Information about individuals:

The available means of communication that facilitate communication, establishment and confirmation of subscription membership, including but not limited to, phone numbers and e-mail addresses are collected. We collect demographic information such as gender, age, and state to find accurate statistics for our users, to customize appropriate offers, and to provide services based on their interests and preferences.
The number of communications you have made, the number of reviews for sightseeing places, as well as the tourist offers that you have visited, admired or evaluated in order to improve the user experience so that we can tailor the user experience more and more to the application.

Corporate Information:

Communication means are collected to facilitate communication, establish and confirm subscription membership, for example, not limited to, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. And to allocate the appropriate offers and to ensure the completion of transactions in order to facilitate communication between the company and potential travelers, and provide services easily.
We also evaluate users’ ratings of their in-app offerings, such as the number of communications received by the company, the number of reviews of places of interest, as well as tourist offers that are highly appreciated by users and those not accepted to evaluate and improve the service and to help take action that will help companies To provide the best experience for users.

First: How to use the data:

• Conduct market research, including conducting statistical analysis to understand user behavior, including offering it to third parties to perform certain services on our behalf.
• Enable us to meet commitments and commitments.
• Meet your needs according to your interests and inform you of all your products, services, events, and special offers. And reach the best communication strategy for you, including (e-mail messages).
So it is important for you to sign out as soon as you have finished using the application / location, and close the browser window if you are conducting your transactions using a public or shared computer. To ensure that all of your personal information is secure, you are responsible for all transactions made through your account unless you report a violation, theft, inability to access your account or the like to take action.

Second: Disclosure of information

We undertake not to disclose any data to any third parties, except for the purpose of facilitating transactions and in cases where we believe the goodwill to be disclosed to the extent permitted by law.

Here are the situations where we may disclose your data:

• Enable third parties that process data to send you periodic communications about specifications, products, services, events, and special offers.
• Disclosure of information to third parties responsible for completing your transactions when conducting sales and purchase transactions.
• Enable third parties who demonstrate their seriousness in acquiring or purchasing the application to enable them to complete the business.
• New owners of the application in case of sale, where the ownership of information to them of course.
• Disclosure of information necessary to resolve any dispute that may arise between the parties, or to resolve any problems or errors that may occur, as well as to facilitate the task of collecting fees and financial transactions.
• Keep us informed of the details and updates of our services and the services of the companies associated with us, and access to the best marketing mechanism for you depending on your contacts.
• Disclose your information in cases where the law requires or requires us to disclose it, to apply applicable laws, treaties and prevailing provisions.
• Disclose the information necessary to ensure our safety, protect our interests and preserve our intellectual and property rights and all our rights.
We undertake not to disclose any information of your own, as a confirmation of your privacy, except where we believe in good faith the disclosure of information, for example, not limited to reporting suspicious activity, preventing a problem or loss, preventing and stopping any harm Moral or material, knowing that any information required by law, is done only in a formal and legal manner in accordance with the law and judicial decisions or any notes in our right or the rights of third parties associated with us and its branches.
You should be aware that the privacy and policy of some of the software we use may collect some of your data, such as Google / Google, and others. Without having to change or control them.

Third: Cancellation and acceptance

Acceptance or cancellation of a passenger’s request for any offer or service provided by the tour operators shall be governed by the policies of the service provider without any connection to us, except for the offers or privileges offered by the application to passengers. Membership in the application This does not entail any liability for the application, with the commitment of the companies providing the tourism offers with the predefined obligations.

IV: Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible for any content appearing or accessed through the Application or the Site, and we make no express or implied warranties, including but not limited to any user-generated content, “individuals or companies” Or the accuracy and reliability of the content, including the content generated by users, companies and individuals, whether for offers or services. It should also be noted that the content does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the application of tourist offers.

Tourism offers may contain data and applications for external contacts for other Web sites “corporate and individual sites provided for service”. However, the application is not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed in such sites, and there is no guarantee that the accuracy or completeness of this content will be fully investigated by us.

You must be aware that acceptance of the addition of the services of the companies providing the tourism programs and offers does not imply our consent or support to reach them. Users can always do so at their own risk, with no liability for the application, nor for advertising, services or pledges Advertisers.

The application department shall make every effort to improve and maintain the services without any harm if the user is unable to access the application or the sites. The application of the tourist offers shall not be responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or delay in operation or transmission. Or any technical failure or failure in the line of communication for telephone lines, computer systems on the Internet, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or failure of any email to benefit from the application services, And for any loss or damage The user, under any circumstances as a result of the use of the application or any of its services, whether in connection mode or non-contact.

Fifth: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property for the application of tourism offers to Mr. Faisal Al Dosari and Mr. Saad Al Dosari. Knowing that no other entity is authorized to deal with the companies except by written authorization of them. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the courts of the State of Kuwait shall be competent to separate the conflicting parties. The office of Attorney Zayed Al-Jumaiya in Kuwait is legally applicable.

Sixth: Modification and modernization

Please be aware that we are constantly updating, developing and making changes to the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use as required by the Terms and Conditions of Use without notice or notice of any changes, so you should periodically review the Application and the Affiliate Sites. And that your acceptance of the use of our app and affiliated sites is a complete acceptance of applicable and applicable policies and terms.